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Manufacturing Process, electronic contract manufacturing, electronic manufacturing services:

Established in 1993, CO-AX Technology, Inc. has become a leading electronic contract manufacturer providing top-quality custom design and engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, cable assembly, and integrated electronic systems.

We believe that achieving product excellence requires rising above industry norms. CO-AX Technology, Inc. builds product quality into every step of the manufacturing process, and all applications are carefully designed and manufactured in full compliance with prevailing U.S. and International Standards.

The manufacturing processes at CO-AX Technology, Inc. equate to exceptionally high quality and absolute reliability in the final products.  Certified in ISO 9001, UL  and ISO 13485, CO-AX Technology, Inc. is completely committed to Total Quality Management (TQM) to ensure that each product meets with customers’ specific requirements and exceeds their expectations to result in 100% satisfaction.

Our new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides 110,000 square feet of manufacturing and assembling space.

Additionally, the company:

  • Employs an Automated Inventory Management System to drive the manufacturing process and ensure proper stocking.
  • Utilizes Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and In-Circuit Tester (ICT) for quality testing.
  • Has Surface-Mount Technologies, Through-hole, and Flex Circuit Capabilities.
  • Uses Selective Soldering processes.
  • Has on-staff Ph.D. Engineers.
  • Employs a diesel-fueled generator, large enough to keep the entire manufacturing facility running upon power failure.
  • Utilizes wash capabilities.
  • Offers free local delivery.

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