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Engineering & Design

CO-AX is a leading electronic contract manufacturer who focuses on the business end of every product.

We customize individual projects

Our design team members are hands-on participants in each project and are readily accessible to every customer.

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Market Applications

CO-AX Technology serves a variety of industries including medical, industrial, transportation, aerospace and more.

We engineer and build solutions!

All applications are carefully designed and manufactured in full compliance with prevailing U.S. and International Standards.
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Quality & Reliability

CO-AX Technology believes that achieving product excellence requires rising above industry norms

Superior design and manufacturing

Our design team members are hands-on participants in each project and are readily accessible to every customer.

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Our Market Sectors

CO-AX Technology, Inc. is a privately held company established in 1993 that has since become one of the premier Electronic Manufacturing Service providers in United States. We operate out of a state-of the-art 114,000 square feet manufacturing facility which houses:

· Design and Engineering Department
· Prototyping Lab
· High Technology Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
· Cable and Box Build Assembly Line

We strive to continuously grow through collaboration and partnership with our customers as we enhance their ability to compete in the global marketplace. Our highly trained 250 employees work in multiple shifts to deliver our promise. With our depth of knowledge and expertise in Design Engineering, excellence in electronic manufacturing and complete box build capabilities, Co-Ax Technology, Inc. is your partner in growth.

CO-AX Technology is a leading Electronic Contract Manufacturer that provides quality custom design and engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, cable assembly, and integrated electronic systems. But that’s not all, when you contact CO-AX Technology you will also get the most amazing customer support around.

Turn-Key Circuit Board Design and Implementation
Electronic Design and Software Development
Product Qualification Testing and RoHS Redesign


Engineering & Design Customer Success:

A new customer who had come to us for a PCB assembly mentioned to our program manager that in their final product a communications interface between the central control cabinet and the industrial device that it controls, a robotic arm, was very expensive and not as reliable as desired. Our program manager discussed their issue with our engineering team. Our team developed a fiber optic communications system solution for their interface link which is much more reliable and comes with a significant cost reduction and it received the green light for production from our customer. (CO-AX Design Engineering Team welcomes you to challenge them with your next product design, re-design and product upgrades to today’s state-of-the-art technologies).

Prototyping Services Customer Success:

Reverse engineering is always problematic but when the principal design engineer of one of our customers resigned and left the company with no place to turn, our engineering team came to the rescue. Our customer soon discovered that their principal design engineer had not kept up with the revisions of the assembly.  Further investigations revealed that the schematic and all of the drawings were 6 or 7 revisions out of date. Our engineering team was able to take the rudimentary product, drawings and schematic and successfully develop a smaller, more cost effective solution with improved functionality on the first prototype. (CO-AX Technology, Inc. is your quick turn prototype solution provider).

Panel and Box Builds Customer Success:

A customer came to CO-AX for manufacturing a panel. Their current manufacturing process involved ordering from an overseas supplier with long lead time, large order quantities of 25,000. The panel was very expensive and did not function as the customer desired. CO-AX Team developed the sample that performed exactly as the customer desired and received approval to manufacture the panel. We were able to reduce our customers cost by over 60%, shorten lead time to nearly just in time, and offer them flexible order quantities.